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Canada-Apocalypse is a friendly server, No Racism or lack of respect will be tolerate on voice and text chat.

Anyone with a VAC ban or a Game Ban is automatically kicked out of the server. Family Share account are inspected too.

No Cheats or hacks are accepted and suspect behavior will also be Ban of the server if enough proof or reports. If you see or suspect any of it, feel free to reach the Admin in the discord "Administration" channel So we investigate.

There are no group limits and Alliances are Accepted. In the end, if the population is low you might want to raid each other anyway, just for fun before the wipe!

Grief is also accepted...you don't want to be door camped for hours..!? Suicide and start somewhere else and come back later!! That's the only advice I can give you!
It's a Full PVP Server, get used to it ;)

We wipe Monthly but if the population is really low for somedays we might Wipe, People online will be noticed or asked... We want to keep the server active! Actually there's envy 40 to 60 people online almost every night!
Server Connection Info:

Wipe: On bi-Weekly and Forced Wiped or if really low pop until the next Wipes/Forced

Map size : 4K and 100% Decay

100% Vanilla and Full Pvp.

Discord channels available for everyone to play (many sections). You might not want to use your Ingame Name so we don't spot Every Group Members! But it's available for everyone!  https://discord.gg/zdDRyb

Programmed restarts at 4 am every day